Featured Media

Inspired Speakers with Linda Ugelow (April 11, 2019)

Learn about the role communications can and should play in a mission-driven organization's strategy, tactics, and operations; what good executive leadership can look like from a communications perspective; and the best way to communicate to keep every department in the loop.

Writing and Research

Keep the Party Going (July 2016)

In 2016 and beyond, Democrats strive to build on nearly a decade of progress. This feature story from the 2016 Democratic National Convention Official Program details how the Obama administration and progressive leadership in Congress wrought unprecedented change across the nation.

Land Value Capture (September 2018)

Communities around the world face a crisis of investment, yet they often give away their most valuable resource: land. Co-authored with Lourdes Germán, this policy brief lays out how the public sector can recover and reinvest land value increases that result from public investment and other government actions.

Mobile Money’s Newest Outpost (March 19, 2014)

Following Kenya’s M-Pesa system, banks and mobile service companies have been looking for the next big opportunity to bring cell phone-based financial services to a whole new client base. This blog post for the Center for Financial Inclusion discusses South Sudan as the next “it” spot.

Learn From Your Colleagues (May 2019)

In many organizations, there’s a consistent misunderstanding of (or outright resistance to) the value of communications—specifically regarding how to use language to talk about what they do in accessible ways. This Nonprofit Communications Report Professional Opinion considers how to overcome that challenge.

Sharia and Savings: Islamic Microfinance (April 26, 2013)

In countries with significant Muslim populations, microfinance institutions have to position themselves relative to Sharia doctrine, which outlaws accepting interest or fees. This Center for Financial Inclusion overview explains how Islamic microfinance combines financial services and Sharia compliance.